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Radioclubul YO3KSR este un proiect al Societatii Romane a Radiomatorilor

Societatea Romana a Radioamatorilor

este persoana juridica de drept privat, inregistrata in

Registrul persoanelor juridice fara scop patrimonial J.S.3 sub nr.87/2008 si sub nr.7347/A/2008 in Registrul National.

Cont: RO73BPOS 8500 6853 284RON02




Kenwood Sky Command II

Sky Command II pentru Kenwood. Setari si operare.

Kenwood ofera pentru posesorii de echipament TS-2000 + TM D-710 (TH-D7) posibilitatea de a opera statia in modul remote. Ce inseamna aceasta? Practic, poti sa operezi statia TS2000 in HF de la distanta, cu ajutorul unei statii mobile sau portabile (TM-D710 sau TH-D7). Minunat, nu?

Putem folosi o statie HF acasa sau pe masina, fara sa avem nevoie de legatura internet, exclusiv prin radio. Atat canalul de comunicatie audio cat si transmisia de date (frecventa, TX, RX etc) folosesc protocolul AX.25 (Packet radio). Iata setarile utilizate precum si un mic filmulet care surprinde un QSO in acest mod de lucru. Setarile sunt in limba engleza pentru a fi utile si radioamatorilor DX.

I prepared a step-by-step procedure for the Sky Command II. I used a TS2000 and a TM-D710. Both are "K-Type" versions. Of course, they were "E" type before the mod was applied... First of all:

  1. The TS2000x is the TRANSPORTER and the TM-D710 is the COMMANDER.
  2. We assume that both Transporter and Commander radios are Sky Command II capable. Mine was modified to do Sky Comm as they was European version. I applied the “K type mod”.
  3. Before anything, go on MAIN receiver and select a convenient HF frequency. TUNE THE HF ANTENNA!

Very important step (from Marco, a italian HAM): RESET FIRST THE TNC ON BOTH RADIOS!!! Setup the TRANSPORTER (TS-2000 in my case):

  1. Select on main channel VHF 144.750. This will be the Transporter to Commander channel.
  2. Select on aux channel UHF 438.500. Select CTCSS on aux channel on 100,0 Hz.
  3. Return to the MAIN section of the radio.
  4. Press MENU and scroll to the Menu #62. Press SUB. After pressing the SUB key, the LCD will show something like “MENU 62A-COMMANDER CALLSIGN”.
  5. Here you input the callsign which will be used by the TS2000, in my case, “YO3HJV-1”. {Yes, the callsign is followed by a number! (Explanation: The COMMANDER and the TRANSPORTER use Packet radio to communicate and they need different SSID’s.)}
  6. The input is made as follows: Scroll the letters with MULTI/CH and advance the position of the letter with MAIN(Back) or SUB (Forward).
  7. Store the callsign with M.IN key.
  8. Scroll to “MENU 62B-TRANSPORTER CALLSIGN” and enter your TRANSPORTER CALLSIGN, in my case, “YO3HJV-2”. Follow the previous #8 and #9 step above.
  9. Select MENU 62C. Here you will select the CTCSS code used for UHF data and voice comm with MULTI/CH. In my case, 100 Hz.
  10. Select MENU 62D and choose with MULTI/CH 1200bd. This is the data speed for Packet comm.
  11. Select MENU 62E and choose “T-PORTER”. This tells the TS2000 that is acting as a Transporter.
  12. Press MENU. The panel control in TS2000 will not work because it is set to work remote only (Sky Command II).

Setup the COMMANDER (TM-D710):

  1. Check if you have MENU 7xx enabled. If not, apply the “K Type” mod.
  2. On the “A” receiver (left) dial 144.500 MHz. On the “B” receiver (right), dial 438.500 MHz.
  3. On the “B” receiver set the CTCSS to 100 Hz.
  4. Go to Menu nr. 700 (COMMANDER callsign) and set the callsign as per step #8 (In my case, YO3HJV-1). Press the DIAL button to store the callsign.
  5. Go to Menu nr.701 (TRANSPORTER callsign) and set the callsign as per step #11 (in my case, YO3HJV-2). Press the DIAL button to store the callsign.
  6. Go to Menu nr.702 and set the same CTCSS as per step #12 (100 Hz).
  7. Go to Menu nr.703 and choose the “role” of the TM-D710. In our case, choose “COMMANDER”. Press Dial.

Now, you should be in COMMANDER MODE. Press “0” to start the link between Transporter and Commander. To activate the TRANSPORTER, press “1”. The TRANSPORTER should transmit the callsign (in my case, YO3HJV) on the 2m band, and after that, should retransmit the audio feed from HF frequency set as per step #3. For the rest of the “game”, read the Sky Command section in the user manual of the TM-D710. It is very explicit. 73!