YO3KSR, radioclubul Bucuresti al Societatii Romane a Radioamatorilor






            ...when anything fails, ham radio!

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Radioclubul YO3KSR este un proiect al Societatii Romane a Radiomatorilor

Societatea Romana a Radioamatorilor

este persoana juridica de drept privat, inregistrata in

Registrul persoanelor juridice fara scop patrimonial J.S.3 sub nr.87/2008 si sub nr.7347/A/2008 in Registrul National.

Cont: RO73BPOS 8500 6853 284RON02




Stratospherium II - Path Prediction

As the time goes by and the countdownd goes to hours instead of days, we have more accurate predictions.

Most of them looks like this ones here.

The first team will be enroute to Buzau in a few hours.

Estimated arrival team at Buzau is 13:00 LT (10:00UTC). We will explore the potential launch sites and we'll do some radio coverage tests in that area.

We will try to do online video transmisssion of the chasing!

Stay tune for news!

73 de Adrian, yo3hjv

We will try to broadcast video stream from launch and, maybe, from the chasing! Stay tuned for news!