YO3KSR, radioclubul Bucuresti al Societatii Romane a Radioamatorilor






            ...when anything fails, ham radio!

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Radioclubul YO3KSR este un proiect al Societatii Romane a Radiomatorilor

Societatea Romana a Radioamatorilor

este persoana juridica de drept privat, inregistrata in

Registrul persoanelor juridice fara scop patrimonial J.S.3 sub nr.87/2008 si sub nr.7347/A/2008 in Registrul National.

Cont: RO73BPOS 8500 6853 284RON02




Estimari NOAA-GOES

Aceasta rubrica sintetizeaza informatii utile pentru propagarea HF si VHF globala.

Informatiile se actualizeaza periodic, inclusiv imaginile.

Activitatea aurorala

Polul Nord                                                                  Polul Sud


Indicele "K" - Estimare la nivel planetar.

Indicele "K" este derivat din observatiile din masuratorile componentei verticale a campului geomagnetic. El indica "furtunile" geomagnetice. Actualizare la fiecare 3 ore.


GOES - X-ray


GOES - X-ray reprezinta nivelul razelor X masurate de reteaua de sateliti specializati. Actualizare la 5 minute.

Imagine GOES

GOES Flux radiatie X

Estimare activitate solara

Informatii primite prin NOAA-SWPC si GOES.

The Space Weather Prediction Center (SWPC) is part of the National Weather Service and is one of the nine National Centers for Environmental Prediction.   It is the nation's official source of space weather alerts, watches and warnings.  SWPC provides real-time monitoring and forecasting of solar and geophysical events which impact satellites, power grids, communications, navigation, and many other technological systems.  SWPC also explores and evaluates new models and products and transitions them into operations.  SWPC is also the primary warning center for the International Space Environment Service and works with many national and international partners with whom data, products, and services are shared.