YO3KSR, radioclubul Bucuresti al Societatii Romane a Radioamatorilor






            ...when anything fails, ham radio!

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APRS Server Romania

Radioclubul YO3KSR este un proiect al Societatii Romane a Radiomatorilor

Societatea Romana a Radioamatorilor

este persoana juridica de drept privat, inregistrata in

Registrul persoanelor juridice fara scop patrimonial J.S.3 sub nr.87/2008 si sub nr.7347/A/2008 in Registrul National.

Cont: RO73BPOS 8500 6853 284RON02




ZD8RA Ascension Island

Ascension Island 

Randy, WW6RG announces he will be active from Ascension Island as ZD8RA on January 5, 2021.

Active when time permits check 20 or 17m SSB in the morning or afternoon!

Check DXwatch spots for ZD8RA.